Elder Care Consultants of Choice, LLC
10 Concord Crossing, Suite 210
Concord, MA 01742

Region: MetroWest

Elder Care Consultants of Choice, LLC

Description of resource: Our Elder Care Consultants bring vast experience in the particular concerns and needs for end-of-life support. Provision of service includes supportive counseling with client and family/friends, collaboration with health care providers to ensure continuity of care, determination and implementation of care-managed home care to meet the individual's daily care needs and referrals to other professionals when indicated. Our attention to detail, our knowledge of end-of-life concerns as well as our warmth in character contribute to our client's well being and optimal care.

Contact: Meredith Patterson,MSW,LICSW,CMC, Founder and Managing Director
Phone: 978-371-2071
email: mpatterson@eccofchoice.com
website: http://www.eccofchoice.com


Services provided:

Alzheimer's/Dementia Alzheimer's/Dementia
Bereavement Bereavement
Education Education
Home Support Home Support
Information Information