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Overcoming Death Anxiety

Posted on June 4, 2020

anxietyAlthough death is an inevitable part of life, most people don’t like talking or thinking about it. But for some, the dread and fear surrounding death is so intense that it interferes with their ability to live a healthy life. Here are ways to cope with your fear of death, and move beyond death anxiety to death acceptance.

What is Death Anxiety
Death anxiety, or thanatophobia...

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Supporting Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

Posted on May 5, 2020

healthcare workersAs we continue to face the impacts of COVID-19, our healthcare workers are being challenged on a daily basis. They are on the front lines, risking their lives to care for--in some cities--an overwhelming numbers of patients. Not only is their physical safety in jeopardy, but also their psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here are some ways that we, as family members, friends, and community members, can support healthcare workers in their fight against the virus.

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Messages of Hope Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted on April 1, 2020

beach silhouetteWith fear and anxiety at an all-time high for many of us amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to spread messages of hope and inspiration. Across the world, people have been using dance, music, art, and other creative ways to spark compassion and solidarity in their neighborhoods. So take a deep breath, take a break from the inundation of news, and enjoy these beautiful messages from our global community.

Last month, Vietnam’s Ministry of ...

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Navigating the Loss of a Loved One

Posted on March 5, 2020

woman windowDealing with the loss of a beloved family member or friend is one of the most challenging life experiences many of us will ever face. But knowing what to expect and what must be done immediately following a loved one’s death can provide us with confidence to navigate this sensitive time with grace.

Notifying Others
After a loved one passes away, one of the first things you’ll need to ...

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